Atelier fine art program in Worcester MA

NESFA offers a full - yet flexible - atelier program.  As much as possible, the program is structured to provide one-to-one instruction.  Therefore, students can enroll in the program at any time and then work at their own pace.  Classes requiring a model are the only classes that may run as a group session.

Students can enroll and pay on a monthly schedule (see below). Each students is given access to the school’s facilities that will allow them to work at their own pace and on their own schedule.

The program is sub-divided into four disciplines. Each discipline must be completed consecutively starting with Bargue drawings. Each discipline has its own requirements for completions. An outline of each discipline is provided below.


Master Copy
Begins with graphite – smaller range of values
Copying 2D to 2D – All shapes figured out
Trains eye to see shapes and shadows in 3D objects
Uses sight size method


Drawn from 3D casts to 2D
Uses charcoal which has a greater range of values
Uses sight size method
Prepares student for still life, figure, and portrait painting


Emphasizes composition
Begins with an underpainting
Mix color
Appropriate layering of paint
Preparing the support


Uses Sight-size Method along with other methods of measuring
Small studies in graphite
Large pieces in charcoal
Identify shadow shapes and shadow edges

Students will develop four important skill sets: 1) Accurate observation, 2) Simplification of form, 3) Understanding of light, and 4) Composition. Mastering these skills will allow students to achieve any artistic goal they set for themselves.

To download a PDF syllabus, please follow the link below.

On-Line Enrollment

Students can enroll and pay on a monthly schedule using the on-line payment option below. However, students should contact the school to discuss the program before enrolling.

The Atelier Program

Our End-of-The-Summer special half-month atelier registration.

The Atelier Program